Design Management Award certificate of merit: WAMP Design Vásár Vásárnap Kft.

10.1. Design Management Díj, Olvasnivaló, Megnyitó

Design Management Awards were conferred on 1 October, where a certificate of merit was granted to WAMP Design Vásár Vásárnap Kft.

For more than a decade, WAMP has been fulfilling a vital and unique cultural and economic mission as a regular venue for representation and business opportunities for a specific, yet colourful segment of the Hungarian design scene. With the spread of the new market movement in Hungary, it has been recognised in recent decades that, by replacing complicated bureaucratic channels, the marketplace can become an excellent venue for the exchange of goods and culture, as well as an economically more efficient means of exchange, through a direct contact between the creator of value and the consumer. This is particularly true for markets specialising in the sale of unique or small series of design and handicraft objects, where also the goods themselves are cultural products. WAMP also indirectly benefits the design profession as a whole through its significant impact on visitors' perceptions. It is also a precious added value to develop the business on an international stage, both in terms of providing opportunities for Hungarian designers abroad and in terms of contributing significantly to the international visibility of Hungarian design. The high-quality, consistent communication and visual image of the company and its services have shaped what started as a movement into a stable brand over the years. Today, WAMP's stable presence in the Hungarian design community has become a major asset, and it is a deservedly popular and distinctive alternative to the shopping centre-focused and narrowed commercial palette.

Background information

WAMP (Sunday Artists' Market) has been organising design fairs for almost a decade and a half, where local designers can showcase their own unique and limited edition products of own design. The events, typically held on Sundays, offer a real social experience as well as shopping: an informal meeting place for makers and buyers, creative professionals and interested non-professional visitors. And as an umbrella organisation, it works to bring the domestic creative industry into the international sphere. As a participant in various international projects, it presents Hungarian artists abroad and foreign artists in Hungary, and since 2014 it has been running permanent fairs in the area in front of the MuseumsQuartier in the centre of Vienna. Today, more than a thousand artists are among its members

Since its inception, WAMP has taken a proactive role in demonstrating the artistic, economic and social potential of design. Its aim is to bring design closer to the public, while at the same time creating links between design innovation and economic actors. As one of Hungary's largest and longest-standing private initiatives in design, WAMP also places a strong emphasis on the social responsibility and shared values it promotes.

About the Design Management Award

In more than a decade of the Design Management Award's existence, the concept of design management has become widely recognised. The Award has made its existence visible and understandable, highlighted its importance and provided a tangible, easily adaptable guide through the presentation of good practices and examples to follow. Gaining increasing recognition in the business world, the award has been awarded to winners whose entries represent a range of effective tools, from a brand identity that essentially reveals the given brand through the quality of customer care and progressive ways of product development to new management strategies. The results achieved demonstrate that the use of design is an advantage for the economy as a whole, regardless of the field of activity. In a broader sense, it supports setting objectives, constructing medium and long-term strategies, organising corporate structures, work processes and even human resources. Operation focused on design also helps managers react more readily to unexpected situations and adapt more effectively to rapid changes, granting them a competitive advantage that is essential in a volatile and increasingly complex market environment.

The usefulness of the initiative is confirmed by the diversity of the winners: in recent years, small and medium-sized enterprises, businesses, commercial companies and non-profit initiatives specifically dedicated to design have all won the award. The award was established by the Hungarian Design Council in 2009 with the aim of promoting the integrated application of design and its most remarkable achievements to professionals, business actors and the general public. The business competition showcases the activities of companies, institutions and organisations that have integrated design into their business operations in an exemplary way, applying it at all levels in everyday life, as well as in larger-scale processes and strategic decisions. The call for entries is launched every year by the Council, and anyone can nominate or enter their organisation or business for the award.

The online exhibition showcasing this year’s recipients of the Hungarian Design Award and the Design Management award is available for viewing here.