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Kocsor Eszter Sára ékszertervező művész kiállítása

Eszter Sára Kocsor places ancient circularity in a contemporary context. As the designer artist says, “I wanted to exaggerate the beauty of a stone, multiply it to achieve a sudden “mesmerising effect”. I had a jewellery in mind that you cannot take your eyes off of, which, yields further valuable, interesting images with the continuous movement of your hands, body and head. When I started collecting inspirations, I was primarily impressed by the mirror as an object that represents a separate world. I observed the insides of various crystals, fractals in nature, and phenomena that amaze me and generate continuous interest in me… For me, beauty is the moment when we see ourselves, our internal selves clearly. When all false distorted images disappear, and “reality” is there before our eyes. My jewellery is actually a reflection of myself, a search for myself from as many directions as possible. A projected image of the point when everything becomes uniform around us and no more questions remain for us. Beauty lies somewhere in the search for truth.”