The future and non-future of design

From synthetic ecosystems to speculative design


2022.10.12 10:00 - 12:00


1056 Budapest, Belgrád rakpart 25. 3/12.


maximum number of participants: 12 people, free program, registration:

The future and non-future of design

From synthetic ecosystems to speculative design. Join Exalt Interactive on their Open Day,
where they will show you in more detail what Speculative Design is and how, as
contemporary practitioners, you can design prototypical or, in some cases, utopian visions of
the future.
The user-friendly optimisation of digital applications, websites and platforms has become
increasingly relevant for business and even essential for success in the market. Of course,
user-centricity is gaining influence not only in digital spaces, but also in everyday
environments. But what is the vision? Neobanks, agro-tech and other innovative services are
emerging, Amazon Go's store network no longer needs human labour, while we own less
and less stuff, while more and more subscriptions.
Every digitalisation process has consequences. Are designers guided by the right vision in
their work today? What are the design methods that can mitigate ethical and sustainability

During the workshop, images of the future and the non-future can be developed together
with the Exalt Interactive team, based on the methodologies of Tonkinwise and Fry: that is,
predicting and demystifying the future in two hours, using design methods.
You can register for the workshop by clicking on the link below or by sending an e-mail to