Meeting spaces, or spaces where we meet


2022.10.11 10:00


NEMOLASZ Concept Store 1065 Budapest, Hajós utca 12.


2022. Október 11. 10.00


Maximum 15 people, free,

Spaces of encounter or spaces where we meet

The GRID (online interior design education) workshop will use floor plans to show the rules
of space organisation in different types of spaces. The spaces are divided into three groups:
public, semi-private and private. Each of these three categories will be explored with the
participants, looking at how people who live there or who visit frequently or just drop in meet
in those spaces. How can a designer define, if at all, the relationship forming between the
spaces they design and the users on using the spaces? How does the conscious
organisation of space affect us, the users? Is it necessary and possible to decide in advance
how occupants should use a space? Can the use of colour and materials in a space
influence the outcome of encounters, and if so, what's the influence? Anyone who is open to
interior design and interested in the subject, open to discussion and open to big insights is
welcome to join the lecturers, Emese Bunyik and Eszter Bertóty.