Beyond BIM

Transformation: new dimensions in design


2022.10.11. 18:00-21:00

2022.10.13. 18:00-21:00


1027 Budapest, Horvát utca 14-24., ZenGarden (CBC) irodaház, 5. emelet


maximum 20 participants/event, ingyenes program, registration:

The next few years will change everything we think about design, interior design, visualization and how we build and operate our buildings.
The way the industry operates will be redefined primarily by our communication, that is also transformed by the tools of digitalization, and the way we operate now will be replaced by a post-covid, location-free online presence, networked thinking and agile operations.
Instead of drawings, we are creating information models, instead of design offices, we are creating integrator companies, where virtual construction is becoming commonplace, design documentation is being automated, the means of design delivery is shifting to web-based platforms, which are accelerating and moving coordination into mixed reality and the world of Meta.
But it’s not just design that is being transformed, it’s office use, transport, shop design and our entire lives. This is what the day after tomorrow holds.
But it’s no longer just the distant future. It is already partly present in our lives and will transform our entire industry within 2-5 years.
And what does that mean? And is it good? And where does it lead?
This is the world that BuildEXT’s founder&CEO, Csaba Livják, will provide an insight into in his live, interactive presentation. We will learn about the digital tools BuildEXT uses today in design and construction coordination. We will debunk some of the most destructive BIM myths and, through practical examples, we will take you into a world where sustainability and efficiency are present throughout the whole lifecycle of buildings, from design to construction and operation phases.
After the presentation, participants will experience the amazing efficiency of digitalization not only in the design phase, but also in the support of construction and operation phases, using Hololens 2. During and after the show, there will be an opportunity for informal discussions with BuildEXT colleagues and each other.