Calatrava and the raincoats

Dialogue between architecture and clothing design


2022.10.14 18:00 - 18:30

Online lecture via zoom

2022. Október 14. 18.00

In her presentation, clothing designer Petra Földi will start a dialogue between architecture and clothing design. The theme will cover one of the precursors of the founding of her clothing brand (Theraincoat). The programme will include a presentation of her MOME diploma project (2009), inspired by architecture, and its impact on her design thinking, brand DNA, communication and approach to sustainability. Why is this collection inspired by architecture (buildings and bridges by Santiago Calatrava) still relevant for the designer today? Architectural space, the human body and nature act as a common denominator in design thinking. The importance of function and cultural expression. Parallels, differences, crossover between the two fields, examples from her own professional work.