Community space experiments

What has become of the socialist ideal of cultural centers, where do we meet today?


2022.10.07 - 2022.10.16


Királyerdei Művelődési Ház és Helytörténeti Gyűjtemény, 1213 Budapest, Szent István út 230.


2022. 10. 8. 10:00-12:00

building inspection

2022. 10. 8. 11:00

round table discussion

2022. 10. 8. 16:00

Community experiments

The programme approaches the theme of this year's Budapest Design Week, i.e. spaces of
encounters, through the heritage of modern cultural centres and the potentials of
contemporary community innovation offered by them, by presenting the Cultural Centre of
Királyerdő in Csepel. Formerly known as the Sándor Rideg House of Culture and Cinema
(designed by Nándorné Csizmadia, ÁÉTV, 1975), it was a prestigious building of its time and
the starting point of the influential national community experiment of the Institute of Popular
The Open House programme of 1979 is the originator of the multifunctional workshop
furniture family presented in Királyerdő. Reconstruction of the workbench, once known as a
container, will be completed on the occasion of the festival. The way it is used can be
regarded as the predecessor of today's makerspaces, which will be demonstrated to children
and adults alike at a workshop organised around it.
A chamber exhibition will present the building, its functioning, and modern brick architecture
in Hungary, while a roundtable discussion will address the remembrances of the 1970s, the
contemporary possibilities of the built heritage from that era, as well as international
Detailed programme
Tour of the building
The tour will focus on the interaction of community and space over time and the values of
the building, and will be led by a Cultural Centre staff member and a researcher of the
Exhibition (lobby)
In search of directions for the renewal of late modern monolithic brick architecture –
exhibition by Nóra Kőhalmy
Beyond the glass hall, a history of the Cultural Centre of Királyerdő – exhibition by Zsófia
Workshop furniture demonstration and workshop (lobby)
Plastics recycling – The ZeroWaste Campus of the Budapest University of Technology and
Economics (Budapest) will host a demonstration of the theory and practice of local plastic
recycling with grinding, pressing and finished parts
Manual textile techniques – presentation of the needlework groups within the Cultural Centre
of Királyerdő
Presentation, discussion (chamber room)
The discussion will be opened by Dániel Kovács, art historian and researcher at the
Hungarian Architectural Museum and Documentation Centre for Monument Protection.
● Weekdays and holidays – Zsófia Dombrovszky, Dániel Kovács, Kinga Sámson, Márk
● Brave new future? – Fruzsina Barta, Csenge Fülöp, Júlia Pokol, Sarolta Rab

● Community and architecture "if bricks could talk" – Balázs Kemes DLA

The presentation of the building and the period is based on the research work of students at
the Doctoral School of Architecture at the Budapest University of Technology and
Economics (BME).
Professional support by:
BME Doctoral School of Architecture
BME Department of Public Building Design
Csepeli Városkép Zrt.
Art historian and curator Dániel Kovács, Hungarian Museum of Architecture and Monument
Protection Documentation Center (MÉMMDK)
Curated by: Zsófia Dombrovszky