Meet the Designers


2022.10.09 16:00


2022.10.12 17:00


2022.10.11 17:00


2022.10.13 17:00


The Garden Studio & Café 1061 Budapest Paulay Ede u. 18


– MrCarter&Co | business card holder making 2022.10.09. 16:00 | 14.000 Ft/ Fő
– Soós Eszter | rope leash making2022.10.11. 17:00 | 13.500 Ft/fő
– Vengru | key chain making 2022.10.12. 17:00 | 10.000 Ft/ Fő
– Németh Franciska | making earrings 2022.10.13. 17:00 | 16.000 Ft/ Fő


The workshops are small in number and require registration.
Tickets can be purchased on site at The Garden Studio.
(Registration is valid after purchasing the ticket.)
We reserve the right to change the program!
More information in the facebook event:


Hétfő: closed
Kedd: 12.00-20.00
Szerda: 10.00-20.00
Csütörtök: 10.00-20.00
Péntek: 10.00-20.00
Szombat: 10.00-20.00
Vasárnap: 10.00-15.00

As part of Budapest Design Week, The Garden Studio & Café offers a whole week of creative workshops, where participants can learn more about the design process and materials with the help of Hungarian designers, and, at the end, can make their own earrings, key rings, business card holders or leashes.


The designers hosting workshops and the topics covered:


MrCarter&Co – Create a card holder from deadstock leather with MrCarterCo designer Ákos Szekeres

Participants of the card holder workshop can create a brand new MrCarterCo accessory out of deadstock leather (small material ends left over from overproduction). The materials can be used to make a classic card holder, utilising leftover leather in a colour of the participants’ choice, prepared in advance by MrCarterCo designer Ákos Szekeres in his workshop.

The workshop will take 90 minutes, with a maximum of eight participants, against a fee of HUF 14,000/person


Vengru – making key rings/keychains

Vengru offers handmade, unique, customisable and adaptable bags produced according to ethical principles. The brand strives to work with environmentally friendly materials and ensures that waste is recycled. The key rings/keychains are also made from accumulated leather clippings. By emphasising this, the organisers also seek to promote a more transparent fashion industry and more conscious shopping.

Workshop programme:

For key rings, you can choose from two existing styles, and you can also add custom shapes.

There will be 4 to 6 different colours and different inscriptions on the base leather strips that form the basis of each key ring style, and around 30 different colours and textures of leather trimmings will be available for you to create your own personalised designs.

The workshop duration is 90 minutes, with a maximum of six participants, against a fee of HUF 10,000/person


Eszter Soós – Dog leash out of boat rope

In this workshop, participants will be able to make the most suitable leash for them and their dogs, out of boat rope, using a combination of different materials.

The leashes will be prepared for the participants so that they only have to deal with the fun part of the design and making. During the workshop, dog owners will have the opportunity to learn about different materials and techniques to create completely unique leashes. 

The workshop lasts two hours, with a maximum of six participants, against a fee of HUF 13,500/person


Franciska Németh – Colourblock earring-making workshop

At the colourblock earring-making workshop, participants can make typical Franciska Németh-style hoop earrings from silver and gold-plated silver materials, which can be paired with colourful cultured and faceted gemstone beads, in a pleasant session.

The workshop takes 90 minutes, with a maximum of eight participants, against a fee of HUF 16,000/person