Speculative design exhibition


2022.10.08 - 2022.10.13


MOME Campus, 1121 Budapest, Zugligeti út 9.,

Exhibition Opening

2022.10.09. 16:30

HU/2050 – Products of the future
Speculative design exhibition
What products and services will we be buying in 30 years' time?
Upon entering, visitors will jump forward to the European carbon neutrality target year of
2050 in their imagination. By this time, Hungary's natural conditions will have changed
dramatically due to climate change, which will certainly have had a major impact on the
development of the economy. The exhibition will present the output of the course "Fictional
Design: Net Zero/Max profit", led by researchers from the MOME Innovation Centre. The
course participants explored how the effects of climate change are likely to transform the
needs and desires we face in our daily lives. Responding to these possibilities, they created
product and service designs that could plausibly exist in the future they envisioned. Through
tangible pieces of often humorous or even shocking visions of the future, visitors can reflect
on their own fears and desires regarding the future.
A panel discussion held to mark the opening of the exhibition will allow visitors to engage in
a discussion with international artists and researchers addressing the critical design genre of
speculative design. On the closing day of the exhibition, visitors are invited to take part in a
time travel board game.